The Nose Devil, pt. 3

She was really drunk, and was in a ‘fuck-it’ mood because of her sister’s death, so she took it. The rest of the night became a blur to her, and the next morning they all woke up in the apartment, wondering how they got there, and how to get home. They all quickly snuck out and never looked back. Back in Baltimore, Lucy had forgotten that night. She’d forgotten her dabble in the nose candy and tried to move on with her life without Ashley. She had other things to worry about, like her family and her ailing dog, which had contracted some kind of disease or disorder since she’d been away. It’s hair had started falling out. She started picking her nephew up from St. Paul’s, where he went to lower school, as much as needed. Her brother-in-law was an orthopedic surgeon with an office off Park Heights Aven., and had appointments until 5 most days, so he had a hard time making it to school in time.

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