The Nose Devil, pt. 4

Lucy would pick Adam up from school at 4 o’clock, and drive up Falls Road to the farmer’s market at the corner of Falls and Shawan, right across from the corner store. Depending on the season, they would pick fresh veggies or fruit and then head back to the house to start dinner. It was enjoyable to her to have a purpose, just to have someone depend on her like her nephew and brother-in-law now did. She started to realize that her sister had it pretty well, and wondered when her life would take a turn in that direction.Lucy would usually get a call from Cindy or Jen or Rose over the weekend, begging for a night out on the town. She thought it was pretty reasonable to go out once a week, so she would oblige and make plans. This particular Thursday night, the girls went to Power Plant Live and then headed over to the bars in Canton. Jen and Rose can hold their liquor pretty well, and they love to make sure everyone keeps up. Needless to say, Lucy was 8 deep by 11 o’clock, and she wasn’t stopping anytime soon.

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