The Nose Devil, pt. 5

Picture a huge 4 block by 6 block party, and that’s the Canton bar scene for you. The girls didn’t have any trouble finding guys and parties. Lucy’s ‘fuck-it’ mood was back, and nothing she could do would stop destiny from meeting her face to face. The guys they picked up had a party going on back at their place, so everyone walked the three blocks back to their apartment, and took the night to a whole new level. She couldn’t even control it, and that’s what scared her. The first thing she thought when she saw that bag of blow on the coffee table was, That looks like fun. The six of them blew it all, and they were fuckin’ wired. They didn’t go to sleep that night and ended up drinking the rest of it, so when dawn came and all of them realized they had to be at work in an hour, the first person gone was Lucy.She didn’t even go home; she pretty much just went straight to work. Sitting at her cubicle, she was on a leash, so at lunch time she went back to her apartment to take a shower and get changed.

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