Corporate Technophobes

The news came amid cheers and applause. The company had been saved at the last minute by the Corporation. The Corporation would make things better. The Corporation would fix everything that had been broken for as long as anyone could remember. The Corporation wanted everyone to know that they were there to make the transition seamless.

Except the Corporation had been infiltrated by an elite, yet somewhat inept, group of Technophobes. The Technophobes were afraid of nasty Viruses. So much so, that they immediately instituted a company-wide crackdown on anything they deemed “unnecessary” or “excessive” or “fun”.

Gone were the carefree days of experimenting with new tools and software, or following the latest trends to try and make a better product. Anything new must go through a process that would make a Vogon jealous.

The newly stifled employees went from being happy with their jobs to furtively searching the want ads and updating their resumés. The Corporation’s downfall came amid a chorus of silence.

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