The Nose Devil, pt. 6

When she got to her flat, she walked over to close the open window and noticed her dog laying on the couch. All of his hair had fallen out, and he was just laying there, breathing heavy and licking his paws. Sitting in a pool of his own hair, he stared up at her, deep through her eyes and time seemed to freeze between the two of them. The dog blinked, and continued licking, and Lucy closed the window. She poured herself a glass of wine to help with the hangover, and gulped it down. Halfway through the second glass, she got that desire again. That sinful desire that she knew in the back of her mind was bad, but that she craved so rigorously. Lucy went back to work after she freshened up, and gave Rose a call. Rose got the number of Tim, one of the guys they met the night before, and Lucy suggested they all get together again tonight. She got a call back, and after work she headed straight for his apartment. The four of them got drunk and lit and then went out on the town.

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