The Nose Devil, pt. 7

They were doing it all night, more than any of the previous times Lucy had dabbled with the demon and she knew it, and loved it.She felt like such a badass; she felt alive. She felt free from the memory of her sister, and she felt relieved of the jealousy of her. She stumbled into her apartment at 4 a.m. and nearly sat on the lump of pink fleshy skin laying on her couch. The dog barely even moved when she almost plopped onto it. It just looked at her. The thing was skin and bones. She sat next to it and barely even looked at it. Taking out a last little treat for her evening, a small gift from Tim, she was craving one last high before the sun came up. As she bent over the small white line of crushed, powdery chalk dust, she heard the dog whimper and sigh. Haven’t fed that thing in almost two days, she thought as she sucked up her last dose of escape. It hit her almost instantaneously. She didn’t realize until she was wiping the blood from her upper lip that the dog had stopped breathing.

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