The Nose Devil

Lucy Watkins lived alone in a one bed-one bath flat overlooking Patterson Park in Baltimore City. Nothing she did was too out of the norm; she was single and her schedule included mostly work, going to bars and parties with her college friends who live in the city as well as friends from work, and spending time with her nephew. She graduated from Towson High in ‘82, and York College in ’86 and then she got a job as a fact -checker at the Sun. Her job was fairly straightforward and her social life was not. Her senior year at college was quite a ride. For graduation, her parents got her what she’d always asked them for every single birthday since the age of 12, a West Highland Terrier. She was ecstatic. She took the dog everywhere. The little thing was covered in wavy white hair, and it had a sort of affirmative bark, but once you got up to it, it would go nuts. It would run circles around you, and then jump up your leg trying to kiss you. That thing loved the presence of another individual.

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