Zoom Out

A tribe named Pullus emerged in the infant years of Earth. These people believed solely in the guidance and reliance of the Chicken. They wore costumes made of livestock hide impaled with thousands of chicken feathers to show their love. The chicken gave them food, company, clothing, and a meaning for life. When the Chicken people danced, it was a great party. These rituals were considered immensely important because they were the tribe’s only way to praise life. Pullus believed that they were the only people on Earth. See, they hadn’t traveled across the river 20 miles east. Pullus’ solitude resulted in very strong and proud people who held strong beliefs.

One day many generations deep into the Chicken society a curious young Chicken boy ventured across that river. He got off his rower, climbed the dusty white cliffs and over the first hill found a small wooden fortress, a flag flying high. The flag waved and skipped through the crisp ocean breeze and the boy saw clearly on it the picture of an egg.

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