Man's Best Friend

The last time Claire slept an entire night is further back that she cares to remember. Snores hum from down the hall as the television glows blue and a wet tongue tickles the bottoms of her feet.

“What do you think Brian? Should I even bother going to bed? I know you got a wink here and there all night. I’m sorry I keep you up like this,” she rambles on.

His response stares into her soft green eyes, and she dismisses it. Past Brian, she sees the sun peaking over the horizon and exhales.

“I know what you mean, maybe I should try a more comfortable bed. I bet that would help me get to sleep. Or maybe we should just go for a run right before bed from now on. I don’t knowwww,” she trails off.

“If you take me for one more scheduled run every day I’m going to run through that invisible fence full speed and kill myself. Just get some sleep, esse! Take some fucking Ambien or something.”

Unsure and shocked, Claire watches the Chihuahua stand up, jump off the couch, and disappear into the snores.

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