The Ultima Project: Prologue

Dr. Stromb’s eyebrows met, “To which Asset are you referring, Mr. Smith?”
The agent snuffed out his cigarette, and blew out a puff as he spoke, “Kendra Kurtz,”
“She’s our best infiltrator,” Stromb said, now getting frustrated, “We are not yet done with her. She’s our patient # 2!”
Smith adjusted his governmental dark black suit-jacket, and shrugged, “You need the funding, we need the asset. China is willing to pay millions, just for her,”
“The Chinese? Are you out of your fucking minds? Do you know what an asset like her can do? This can blow up in our faces, Agent Smith!” Dr. Stromb tossed the Kendra Kurtz file onto the table.
Agent Smith slowly picked it up, and opened it, ensuring no pages were out of place, “We are aware of the risks, Doctor, and we believe we can manage,”
“And if we can’t?”
“There’s always Patient Zero!”
Dr. Stomb shook his head emphatically, “NO! No, sir, that will not be acceptable. Damien Rolonson is too valuable to The Program; and too dangerous!”
“Have Kurtz report here at 0600,”

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