Global Deployment Day

“That’s it, the last of the gravity dampeners is on-line,” said the Director of Operations, putting down the phone.

“All systems are green,” confirmed the Master Controller.

The camera crews bristled. A dozen sets of busy fingers live-blogged every moment. Nearly everyone was wearing helmets, knee pads, and small compressed-gas jet packs.

“We have a go from the United Nations,” said the Government Liaison.

“The lunch is here,” said the intern.

“All right people,” said the Director, “let’s do this. Engage the system.”

The Master Controller pressed the Big Red Button. There was a tickle of static electricity. All was still for a moment, and then the nervous glances started. One of the bloggers tried to push off with his toes. Nothing happened.

“Well?” barked the director.

The Controller’s eyes danced over the diagnostic screens.

“Well crap,” he said, “turns out gravity is an inherent property of our universe and can’t be suppressed.”

“Oh well,” said the director, shrugging. “Lets get some lunch!”

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