MMM (continued)

A side ways M what could that mean. I recall seeing it with an ∞ above it and an n=1 below it. It had something to so with sequences and patterns. But the ∞ that had something to do with a theorem. Especially if I’m right about it relating to the thing where you move half the distance to a number and infinite amount of times you will never reach it. It has a name… Something algebra, and I know it’s a theorem. Blank Theorem of Algebra. Fundamental Theorem of Algebra that’s it! And a series is the sum of a sequence so the M must mean sum.

I wrote the word in to the third spot and it looked like this __8 sum pi, and I liked it. Only one piece to go.

Square root of negative one that seems like something my calculator can do. After punching in the numbers I saw the screen “Error: unreal answer” what is that supposed to mean. There must be an answer there is always an answer in math. It must be an imaginary number. Like I remember the square root of -25 equaled 5i. The negative was factored out and called i.

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