Ultima Project: Damien

Stromb’s voice was tight. Something was wrong.
“She’s fine, Damien, I swear it,” he cleared his voice, “Why don’t you come in. We haven’t seen you in some time. Have any new abilities manifested? We have so many questions,”
Damien grimaced into the phone, “We agreed; I’m not to be your pin-cushion,”
“We just want to talk to you. Kendra’s coming in right now,” the doctor’s voice was hurried, “If you come here tonight, you’ll see for yourself that everything is just fine,”
My teeth clicked shut, “She’s going there? Right now?!”
“She’s been given an assignment,”
“What kind of assignment?”
“With all due respect, Damien, that is none of your concern,”
He was lying. Damien could sense it, even through the phone line. They both stayed silent, but the young man could hear his quick breaths.
“No more needles, Doc. I have your word!” Damien wasn’t asking.
“Of course. We only want to debrief you. There is much for you to see,”
“I’ll know if you’re lying when I arrive,”
“I’ve nothing to hide!”
A lie.

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