Where All This Weird "Frog Prince" Stuff Started...

Okay,I know what you’re thinking. Just saying,this isn’t your usual Frog Prince story. When I was a little girl,I used to think about when I got my first kiss. Doesn’t every girl think about her first kiss? Wonder if you’ll feel the fireworks those Hollywood movies use in chick flicks? Wonder if that guy you’d be kissing was the one? Well by the time I was 16,I’d been dubbed as “tom-boy”; skateboarding,beating up people in karate (and havin’ fun doing it), hanging with my group of guy friends. No one bothered to talk to me except for them and the preps were terreified of me. When I came into view,they stopped chattering about guys and were as hushed as birds in the forest with a hunter.
Today was the different,though. The preps were to busy madly flirting with a new guy to even notice me. He noticed me,though,despite my efforts to hide behind my locker door. I wanted to deal with them as little as possible. I felt his electric blue eyes drill a hole through me. I shivered walking past him to class.

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