The Ghost Horse

“It’s getting dark..’’,Ella’s voice trailed off.
I looked up at the sky.’‘Yeah.Maybe we should leave soon.’‘
I said,wanting to stay at the foggy,creepy,neighboorhood park.My watch had just ticked to 12:00,midnight.
’’Soon?”,Ella said, annoyed.’‘I don’t want to leave soon Sierra,I want to leave NOW ,”she said NOW with such firmness that I was starting to agree.
’’Only a little longer.’’,I said persuadingly.’‘Okay,but only for 5 minutes.This place is freaking me out.’‘
’’Okay.’’,I said.But before I even got to swing on the crooked monkey bars,a horse’s neigh rang through the park.I started to run when I heard a slashing noise.I’d hoped that Ella started running too because I’d wandered away from her.But when I heard her scream,I knew that she probably even HAD time to start running.
I ran in the direction of the scream.That was when I saw the black horse with firey,red eyes staring through me in the mist.But when I saw pieces of Ella on the ground,I was frozen with fear when the horse’s rider turned toward me.

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