A lot of thoughts crossed my mind, such as “What if she thinks I’m a total creeper for randomly friend requesting her?” I didn’t really know her at the time. I’m glad to say that as far as I know her now, she’s isn’t like that.

Despite my second thoughts, I friend requested her. She accepted shortly after. I’m not sure if I looked at her other pictures first, or if I tried to talk to her first. When I tried to talk to her I was unsuccessful, or at least that’s what I remember. I think she was just getting through a break-up or something else bad. I could tell she wasn’t feeling the greatest.

I kind of gave up talking to her, but I just chose to subtly communicate with her. Things like leaving witty comments on things like photos and status updates. I left a post or two on her wall, as well.

Did I mention this girl is a year younger than me? I barely believed it when I found out. Her other photos only proved my immediate assumption of her being as beautiful as she is.

(Continued in the next story.)

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