Continued, Again

Let me just tell you that through all this getting to know her I didn’t have much of an idea what she thought of me. I could only hope for the best. In a way I was crushing on her, but I never really tried to take it anywhere until recently.

Anyhow, we got to talking by having a comment-conversation on one of her photos. I somehow managed to make some kind of joke that she thought was funny. I remember walking away from the computer and when I got back there was an instant message from her. I kind of had a “holy sh*t!” sort of moment, then I responded while hoping I didn’t wait too long to do so.

We talked for a while. I did my best to just be a nice guy, making small talk and a few jokes here and there. She seemed to be interested in the conversation. We probably talked for a good hour or so before one of us had to go.

I still wasn’t sure how exactly she felt about me, but I started to think about the possibility of liking her.

(You know the drill…)

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