Double Post! Don't Read!

We had fun talking, and by the end of the call I was nearly almost sure she liked me, mostly because she said she wanted to meet me. I wanted to tell her that I liked her, and when her friends handed the phone to her I sat there like an idiot, not saying anything until my heart was about to pound a hole through my chest. The dialogue was as follows (names omitted for the reasons stated earlier.)

Me: Hey, insert name here? Can I ask you a really stupid question?

Her: Yeah?

Me: Insert idiotic, heart-pounding pause here Do you…… you like me?

Her: Yeah, kinda.

Me: Insert sigh of relief here Awesome. I like you, too.

We said our goodbyes, and i felt like i could run a mile right then and there. I damn near gave myself a heart attack saying what I said to her.

Now, she told me a few things about the guys she dated before. A lot of them are assholes.

So here’s a message for her that I’ll never have the guts to say to her face:

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