Plans (ElshaMightyMess #12)

April dialed Jessica Knight.
“Jess, it’s me, April, listen. I have some questions about Marco, can you come over to talk?”
“Yeah, I guess. Why? Is it bad?”
“Just come over.” click.

The two ladies sat and the table stirring hot tea. “So what’s this all about?”
“Are you still getting the same pay?”
“Yeah” a look of jealousy crossed Jess’s eyes, “are you getting more!?”
“No. Listen, I found an email, said I was bringing in DOUBLE the profits. Our contracts say we get a quarter share..”
“So tell him you want your full cut!”
“He’ll know I saw the email! No. I want to take him down.”
“The scumbag has been cheating us! Let’s teach him a lesson he’ll never forget.”

That night the ladies hatched a scheme so brilliant, by the fourth cup of tea they were convinced it was foolproof. Little did they know how deep their actions would sink them.
“See you Friday night!”
April sent her cohort in crime off with a grin. Only just now realizing Drew wasn’t home.

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