The news anchor gave a strained smile. “Our top story. Reports are still coming in from the event that happened around 2:27 AM here on the East Coast. It seems most – if not all – of the adults in the world had simultaneous orgasms; regardless of age, race, or even if they were awake. The only people not affected appears to be those yet to reach puberty.

“Medical experts from Europe and Asia – where people were awake – have no explanation. World leaders are urging people to remain calm while the cause of this event is deter …”

The anchor’s eyes grew wide and her face flushed. “Oh God.” She clenched her fists and bit her lip, but after a few seconds she threw her head back and let out a whimpering moan.


Far above Earth, Ptq watched as the Yuew Cannon powered down. It would be seven uits for the generator to build up power again. Repeated blastings over several rotations would leave the population too disoriented to mount an effective defense. Ptq clicked his mandibles at the thought of the easy pickings.

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