The Speed of Life

If I stopped for just two seconds to feel what was going on around me I would realize that the moment I stopped running would be the moment that I realized that everyone else around me had been running along-side me the whole time. I gather myself up and push that pace, up, up and into the red. Like blinders on a horse. The speed of life turns to streaks of just simple white smokey movement, like webs without binding agent. And there I am, lost again in the motion.

These gears we turn, these motions we play over again. Over and over. Keep and hold and force our heads down. Look out for the next obstacle. Watch that rock, that current issue, that hurdle to jump over, that hoop to jump through. On fire. Over and over. Head down.

Don’t stop. Speed up. Get busy child. Push that locomotive body, hands in rapid motion, brain in flux. Age and stress the moments that are long gone before you find a solution. Shake off the inevitable feeling that at the end of the run there will be not but another path to run down.

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