Caution Children Playing

Mark was driving home from the Supermarket, trunk filled with goodies for the night’s festivities. There was construction on his usual route, reworking the hoverway, so he deeked left through a residential zone. Slow, but at least no stopping.

His hovercar descended, flying just above the myriad of suburban houses, manicured lawns and 1.8 kids apiece. He was only two blocks from home when he saw the sign: CAUTION – Children Playing. Mark shrugged, so he’d have to watch out for the odd stray hover ball, or hoops and ladders piece, as long as it wasn’t…

Then the landscape changed. Gone were the floating lights marking the edges of the hover road. Gone was the idyllic suburbia below. Now prehistoric mountains grew on either side of his hovercar, lush with imagined foliage. A T-Rex roared. He turned, just in time to hear its ten year old rider yell, ‘Sick em, King!’ If the T-Rex eyeball in his mirror was closer than it appeared, home was too far.

…Total Immersion: Brings Your Imagination to Life.


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