Evil to the Core

He realized there was a flaw in his plan.

A diversion was crucial, but he was without the means of creating one. Thoughts and plans churned in his mind. Each one presented, each one dismissed as he deemed them too risky. His dark, furtive eyes darted back and forth looking for something, anything that could be used, but a growing despair began to gnaw at him as nothing seemed suitable.

Frustrated, he growled loudly, startling the human upon whose lap he had been seated. The cat played it off well, pretending he had only been having a dream. The human stroked his fur halfheartedly. Through half-closed eyes as he faked a steady purr, he watched the human as it began to drift off again.

As soon as he was sure the human was slumbering deeply, he turned his mind back to his plot to bring about the human’s demise.

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