Becoming Sophia (31)

Her laugh was chilling and full of emptiness. It made me want to die inside, made me hate my life just that much more when I thought I couldn’t. She swiped a black tear away from my cheek and wiped it off on my shirt.

“It figures that something as worthless as you, the equivalent of a bag of cinders, would have tears to cry. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen something quite so pathetic before.” Snot dripped down my chin, but I was holding so much, I couldn’t move my hands to wipe it away and I knew that if I sniffled, she would only mock me.

“Get out of my sight. I can’t stand to see my room littered with such waste,” she sneered and I left her. My spirit was broken, my name disgraced, any semblance of pride I had was now stripped away and all I could do was cry silently as I dumped out the dirty water in my bucket. Cristyne had gotten just what she’d wanted, she’d taken away every happy thought in my head and replaced it with something awful.

I cried myself to sleep; Jaqueline would wake me for dinner time.

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