The Calm Before the Storm

Ron gasped and jumped back as the over-sized pearly eyes stared milkily at him. Sly’s skin was as equally alabaster white and he wore a brown wrap like a toga. He carried no weapons, only a satchel tied at his waist. Ron’s initial shock wore off and he realized Sly was his only hope for survival now. And he was walking away with the light. Ron jogged to catch up.

“I had a friend, Katie, on the outside…” he hedged.
“You shouldn’t have offended the trees. She will be fine as long as she doesn’t run to the bogswallows; Or the catswhips for that matter.”
“Where are we going?”
“Well first, I have an errand to run across the river for the Godswallops, nice race, though a bit snobbish at first..”

Ron simply followed him. There was nothing left to do. Hopefully Sly would take him out of this hole and he could find Katie again.

They came to a river, which surprised Ron, because it was very quiet, just silently slipping by. He looked into the water, and saw an albino fish dart away from the light like a ghost.

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