Deus Ex Machina

Marion landed like an avenging goddess, stabbing downward with all the fury of a woman scorned. Her blade struck sparks from the arm DEM. threw up to protect its face. The next second, she was flying through the air once again as the robot tossed her aside. She landed, crumpled, all without a sound.

“MARION!” Henry screamed. He rushed toward her but DEM. pivoted, gracefully, and grabbed his head. Casually, the fingers began to squeeze as Henry struggled. Everything seemed to go completely quiet. The air stilled. There was no sound.

Suddenly, the giant hand of the GAIA computer reached down. It plucked DEM. up and held it as if it were a toy. DEM dropped Henry as it attempted to escape, but was thwarted.

Henry, barely concious, reached toward DEM as GAIA began to withdraw back towards the heavens. His trembling fingers brushed the edge of the robot’s garment, clutched, and Henry was lifted briefly as the great hand raised.

Henry’s grip faltered and he fell, landing a little way from Marion.

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