Sand, Surf, and Sun (homophone challenge)

Beaches. They have sand, sun, and surf. There is one thing they lack however, and it is a travesty.

There are plenty of suntanned, lotioned pecs and bikini clad volley ballers diving for a spike. But no matter how long I spent in the sun, surf, and sand, I am drawn back to this one lacking item.

Umbrellas don’t provide the same shade as a tall elegant tree. The canvas stretched tight blows over in the wind instead of bending and bowing with the breeze.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good day spent out in the sun with sand stuck to my buns. However, I prefer a cool shady spot on a hot summer’s day than warming myself to a red burn in the sun.

Yes, beaches are great places to visit and the sea is vast and inviting. But I’d rather live near a grove of tall oaks or better yet..

A stand of white barked Beeches.

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