Basic Knowledge of Survival

Slowly standing up and looking around at the debris that was everywhere, they confusingly agreed that something was wrong. Seats were in the ditch while the steering wheel lay isolated in the center of the road. As they wandered around, they found that some were crying out in agony and some weren’t moving at all. They searched for comfort in their friends.
They knew they had to go find help but they did not know where they were. All they collectively knew was that they were supposed to go to the zoo in the big city on the bus with their Kindergarten teacher. Now there was no bus and no teacher and nothing to say there ever was either one. There were no adult bodies and the all that was left of the bus was a few seats and the steering wheel. There was a huge black burn spot on the highway but none of them understood what it meant or what it was.
There they stood, in the middle of the deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, 22 small children with only a basic knowledge of survival.

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