What A Way

A camera is essential to any gathering of girls; this is what you’ve learned from time after time arriving to these group events without a camera.

“No, really, my hair looks terrible in that one – let’s do it over. Don’t you agree? I think we’d all like to do it over.” explains the leader-girl, her name starts with a Ca-something, you think you recall.

“Sure, yeah, no definitely.” You’ve agreed. Damn, you always do that – you’d far rather be continuing to walk around, to see things, to DO things. But you’re standing here being subjected to countless re-do’s and primping. As the one who didn’t bring a camera, you don’t even look at the pictures you’re taking. You’ll never see any of the images again, anyway, unless someone someone ‘friends’ you on Facebook and asks you to tag people.

So, you hold up the camera – not even bothering to countdown anymore – and snap another shot.

“Thanks! Oh, yeah, I think I look a lot better in that one, don’t you? Okay, where now?” Ca-leadergirl wants to know.

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