Time. Travel? Time? Travel. Time? Travel? Time. Travel.

“You’re going to kill yourself?”
“More or less.”

Drew readjusted his seating position. He sighed. He looked up at the ceiling. He looked back down. He picked up his coffee.

“Let me get this straight.”
“Go for it.”
“You went forward in time, saw yourself die.”
“So far so good.”
“You were being stabbed.”
“I prefer ‘butchered’.”
“Butchered— by… yourself. So, you went back in time, and destroyed the time machine. But you feel that there is no telling when you might come to get you.”
“When did you say this was going to happen?”
“August 18th, 2088, 8:26 PM.”
“I see.”

Drew looked at the table. It was a cold white. He put his hand on it. Smoother than glass. He took another drink of his coffee. It tasted wonderful.

“Will you miss Earth?”
“I suppose.”

Jack had remained motionless throughout the conversation. He couldn’t move because a knife was at his throat the entire time. A knife held by Drew.

“One last question.”
“Are you sure it was you who you saw?”
“Now there is no doubt in my mind.”

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