Missing You (Part 1)

The clock showed 1:59 am and Jane was sitting under the lamp preparing for the next day’s court battles. Eyes shore and hand cramping, the only thing keeping her from falling asleep where she sat was the thought of the defender’s crushed face when the judge passed down the verdict. Being a lawyer was tough but victories were always worth the sleepless nights and long hours.

Jane looked up from her notepad when she heard a noise come from the hall. Her bleary eyed and unfocused husband stood there looking confused. Brandon, the love of her life and artist extraordinaire, was hardly ever seen after 12:30 unless it was asleep in bed or in his studio riding out an inspirational wave.

They had met in college, a class that mixed all types of majors. That was the only way the dedicated prelaw student would have met the laid back art major. Of course the free-thinking liberal refused to admit he could have feelings for the uptight know it all and they were at odds but attractions are a hard thing to fight.

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