Missing You (Part 2)

They started dating and soon fell in love. Things got a little strained when she went to law school while he back-packed through Europe. It wasn’t a lack of trust, it was the constant worry about him that caused the strain.

After that dilemma, the wedding was a breeze. Marriage came easy to the pair. It may sound cheesy but they really were meant to be. Brandon completed Jane and she him.

“Hey. What are you doing up? Its almost 2,” she asked tentatively.
“I couldn’t sleep,” he managed to articulate.
“Aw why not?”
“I missed you…”
At this she laughed, “What do you mean you missed me? I’m right here.”
“I know but I couldn’t reach out and hold you,” he looked even more confused than before as he made his way next to her on the couch.
“So you couldn’t sleep?” He nodded his agreement. “That’s incredibly sweet but you are incredibly silly,” she teased.
“And you love me anyway,” he teased back as he laid his head on her lap.
“Yes I do,” she told him as she watched him drift into peaceful slumber.

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