The Word's Deadliest Game

Thomas awoke in a small dark room at a table. There was a small electric screen on the wall and a pair of dice before him.

“Thomas you are contesting in the World’s Deadliest Game now. Roll the dice.” The man at the other side of the table said.

“Whats going on?!” Thomas cried out starting to panic.

“Roll.” the stranger said

Thomas felt the compelling urge to roll the dice. He did. It landed on Africa.

“What kind of dice is this?”

The word Africa appeared on the small electronic screen.

“Roll again.”

Thomas rolled. Only to be shocked that there were two names on the die now. Tasha and Ivan. The stranger rolled his dice and got Edward and Emma. All the names appeared on the screen in a grid. An electronic voice spoke aloud. "Edward and Emma: age 25 and 38, Crime: Attempted Armed Robberry. Tasha and Ivan: age 18 and 27, occupation: Survival Instructor and Salon Stylist.

“What is going on here?” Thomas yelled confused.

“The game is about to start.

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