One Last Detail

“So where’d ya get it?” He said as he lifted his chin a degree, pointing at the magazine I had placed on the table between us.

I shrugged and tried to sound cavalier. “I’m a thief.”

He smiled and sipped his coffee, allowing my lie. With a single finger he pinned the corner of the envelope that poked out from under the magazine. He slid it off the table and smoothly into the inside pocket of his jacket. “It’s all good.”

He took another sip and started to scoot his bulk out of the booth.

“Wait- " Realizing my part was over I suddenly remembered something.

“Lady, we’re done here.”

“No. I want to ask something…uh. Additional.”

“The arrangements have already been made.” He was already standing.

“I’ll pay extra.”

He frowned but remained standing at the end of the table. I looked at his massive hands and licked my lips before continuing, “See. He- he’s got this great smile. Brilliant teeth.” Remembering those perfect teeth I met the dark scowl.

“I want those to go first. Before everything else.”

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