Self Esteem

If I had a pencil to chew nervously, I would. It’s stupid, to be terrified of the faceless peer pressure out there. Nameless, too – no one uses their real name on the internet. Intarwebs. Whatever. And yet, here I am, editing, re-editing, deleting… Worrying that this little bit of fluff isn’t “good enough” to share with the rest of the virtual world. You’re not that bad, I remind myself again, wishing I believed the pep talk. Hey, at least you don’t have homophone errors and awful spelling. You’re still doing better than most of LiveJournal.

Some pep talk. Remind me to change careers to motivational speaking, right after I get over that crippling stage fright.

Would it really be so awful, for someone not to like it? I have to ask myself again. A little voice somewhere in the back of my head squeaks a terrified “yes!” Really? There’s an edit option, isn’t there? I mean, if everyone hates it, I can just delete all of it.

I think I’ll leave the ‘Save as a Draft’ box checked a little longer…

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