Traveling to the Temple

My Father decided to make the trek after our firstborn sheep was big enough to leave its mother. We hadn’t any early births this year, and our flocks were dwindling. We had discovered some rock on our land, Father claimed it was marble. If it were, we could make a fortune in mining.

But that would mean we could no longer worship Persephone to keep the flocks and land fertile. We would have to worship Apollo. Persephone might be angry and cause all our wives to be barren! I was about to wed the lovely Creeana. I wanted sons.

It was a 15 mile walk from Miletus to Didyma. The Greeks had laid stones in the ground to make a road which made the trek easier, but with all the traffic, not faster. The road was packed with families and goats and sheep. Vendors yelled from tents all along the whole 15 mile trek about their wares. It was hot, the summer sun beat down upon my robes, warming my head through the covering and making me sweat anyway.

We neared the great Oracle, Apollo’s Temple. Inside, we’d get answers.

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