YAY! Wait...

My mother smiled at me, it WAS my birthday, everyone was happy.
My mother put a blindfold over my eyes, and led me out into the backyard.
My mother told me that the present was very expensive, and that she hoped I liked it.
The blackness covering my eyes slowly turned into a pair of legs.
Well, a pair of pairs of legs, seemingly made of wrapping paper.
My eyes followed the legs up until they turned into a body, and a head.
A pony! I thought.
Just what every girl wants!!!
I ran, arms outstretched, ready to unwrap my new bundle of delight.
But a thought so unsettling, so odd stopped me in my tracks.
Why would they wrap a pony?
Suddenly, I was more scared than anything.
I slowly began to unwrap my present.
Legs, that was good, they seemed intact.
Stomach, back, tail,
All good signs that I was, indeed getting a pony.
Then I unraveled the head.
The mouth was gaping wide, the eyes locked into a horrified position.
My head was filled with the noise of a pony. Screaming.
“I shot it this morning! Don’t you love it?!”

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