AwesomeFix: Repair those pesky registry errors today!

click. click. click.

The Internet shirks back from my glare, baring its teeth and galloping away. It doesn’t want what I’m giving it. No way, no how. This might be deadly. I’ll have to leave straightaway, change my name, so they don’t find me.

click. click. click-click.

The program is written, the program is made available. Everywhere, people will be downloading it.

They don’t know. This program can’t fix registry errors… however, it doesn’t harm them either. In fact, it simply accesses the database for the keyboard. Removes a letter from existence. It simply cannot be typed.

Lives are changed. It is now impossible to describe many towns, cities, and more. All attempts at fixing anything fail. It is simply too well designed.

Havoc wreaks over the entire world. Lives end. Animals die.

Poor Zimbabwe, zebras, and zig-zag lines. Who knew a simple “Z” had precisely that large of an effect?

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