Set Free

He had a light meal, just tea and toast, some anti-emetics and beta-blockers. His mother was quite surprised at his unusually bright mood – he was smiling and dancing all morning. Then (yes!) the doorbell rang, and his friend – he never seen the Latina before, but she was a friend, for what she had carried – entered. Her eyes were that of a scared squirrel, darting around the room. Soon, his mother went to work.
- The Elixir… is it here?
- Yes, I checked it. And some rum. You told me you like it.
- Thanks, dear.
He sat down to his bed and held up the shot glass, filled to the brim with a green liquid, to the sunlight. It glowed like the future. His future, however, lay in darkness.
Coyly, he asked the harbringer, “Will you take a chance?”
- No, I’m married. – said the woman.
- Thanks to this, it won’t count. – he winked at the precious fluid. – Now, to Tijuana and to girls with good hearts!
He downed it, slightly wincing, then gulped a mouthful from the rum bottle. Then reclined. In minutes, he was free.

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