As he entered the room she charged straight at him and tackled him into the door. She burst out into a fit of giggles and he could barely contain his excitement as well. Then, after some excitement and painful squeezing, she let him go so that he could breathe.

“I can’t believe this! This is INCREDIBLE! You’re finally being recognized and-”

“I know!” He grinned from ear to ear as he dropped his backpack and then threw himself on the couch. She followed in suit and pulled her feet up. “I can’t believe this!”

“No kidding! So, what’re we going to do to celebrate?” She asked as she leaned over and placed her chin on his shoulder.


“Oh, pizza!”

“…In bed. Foot rub.”

“No, just pizza." She jabbed him not-so-gently in the stomach before rising up and heading into the kitchen.

“Fine, just pizza.” He sighed and rested his head on the back of the sofa. “Meat! No olives or mushrooms!”

“I know I hate olives too.”


“Pepperoni it is. Oh. And you still have to fix the toilet, Batman.”

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