First Day

It wasn’t what I expected.

Most offices shown on television were loud – you have the din of copiers, fax machines, chatty employees, the endless shuffling of papers in that susurring hiss of too many things to do in a day. And then there’s the stereotypes filling their allotted spot in the company jigsaw – the power suit, the nerd, the quiet one, the loud one, the gossip, the guy that’s perpetually on a mental weekend. The coffee is stale and bitter no matter how much sugar or powdered creamer you add.

This had to be an alternate dimension – I mean, there’s noise, because no one can service clients and manage accounts without making some sound, but it’s an overall hush punctuated only occasionally by the printer or phone call. Mostly, there’s the soft tak-taka-tak of people typing at their desks and the dull footfalls as people move around. It’s hard to place the stereotypes here – we have a few gossips, but they’re also the mental weekenders. The power suit types show up in jeans.

The coffee’s good.

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