Going to the Store

I went to the store to get milk. As I walked thru the front doors, I grabbed a cart. It just so happened that in the cart was an ad and I noticed it had make-up on sale. So I rushed over to the make-up isle and grabbed what I needed and of course, some I didn’t need. On my way back to the grocery isle, I passed the cards and got a funny birthday one for my brother’s upcoming day.
I continued walking and smelled the fresh bread and grabbed me a loaf. Then I remembered I needed butter. As I went to get the butter, I saw an old friend and waved hello as she waved back with her arms full of potato-chips. Chips? No, I didn’t need chips so I continued on my way to the frozen foods isle where the allure of pizza was gnawing at my conscious so I grabbed a couple. I then went on my way to the next isle.
There I stood, with a cart full of groceries and as I stared at it all, I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I came to the store for in the first place.

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