“Yeah, see, I never understood the whole deal with that stuff. It always struck me as kinda… stupid.”
“Dammit, that’s because you’re not trying! Just draw the fuckin diagram. My drawings suck.”
“It’s just a stupid circle. I don’t see what the big deal is.”
“First, have you seen me draw a circle in your life? It looks like a Mr. Potato Head with tumors. And it’s not just the circle. You gotta do all the little scribbly things, too.”
“Like… this?”
“Well, that’s the circle, anyways. Now do all this stuff.”
“Hang on… this ain’t easy…” She draws the diagram on the asphalt in white chalk.
“That’s fuckin perfect! I knew you could do it.”
“It’s easy is all.” She smiles slightly.
“Here, now stand in the middle of it.”
“Like this?”
“That’s right. Now close your eyes and hold out your arms.”
“How’s this?”
“Perfect. I’m gonna take a picture. The guys’ll never believe this shit.” He pulls a camera from his pocket. “Atta girl. Keep em wide.”
Lights begin to shine from underneath the circle of asphalt.
“Say cheese.”

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