Deela Deals Her Own Way

“Consisting of 13 justices drawn from the ranks of the Big 10 megacorps, the Corporate Court represents the only authority that has any chance of riding herd over the megacorporations.”

Deela read the dry words in her textbook – and knew the truth. Megacorps didn’t care for ‘fair’. They just didn’t want anyone to catch up. Deela knew better – her mother rode with a cabal that worked in the night. Sometimes they rode for nuyen, sometimes even for the ’Corps themselves – but they were no wageslaves. They called their shots, wrote their deals. Corps could shout about lawlessness – but while their boots smashed vestiges of freedom like a centaur attacking roaches in a motel, nobody cared what they said.

As she fired her deck, she let the autocable slither up her arm and snik into her datajack like a playful kiss. Even at thirteen, she knew good from evil. Sneak in, grab paydata, sneak out. Puts food on her table and sticks over a megacorp at the same time.

She smiled quietly as the Matrix filmed over her eyes.

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