Guardians of the Universe

The shaman sat calmly on his mat, placidly listening to the golden-skinned man. This man actually glowed with his own inner light. The shaman accepted his task of receiving the word of God.

“Listen, this is my first Universe, so it’s not perfect. I said some things, did some things that are contradictory. It’s my fault, I accept that. The problem is, these contradictory things, they could lead to the destruction of the Universe. I’m kind of attached to this Universe, it’s got a lot of possibility, you know? So I don’t want to see it destroyed.”

The shaman nodded slightly and God continued, assured that his message was being received. “I am making you my guardians. I have withdrawn the power of magic from the rest of the world. I entrust it to your people alone. Protect your people and your land with it. And keep those white devils in check, I’m sure they are going to cause trouble.”

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