I ran, the tree branches smacking against my face.
I ran until my chest hurt.
I ran till I almost couldn’t breathe.
I ran until I felt like I needed to vomit.
That’s when I stopped. I turned and looked behind me, made sure he wasn’t following me.
shit! I thought to myself, shit shit shit
I heard the crinkling of leaves as the footsteps followed me. I started to run, but stumbled, landing on my face and sliding a foot or two in the dry brown leaves.
A cracking noise.
A bullet lands on the ground next to me. I start to push myself away, unable to even stand.
“Give me the key,” his voice rang through the trees like a bell in a sanctuary,“give me the key. Or, I will kill you.”
Who was I kidding? This key wasn’t worth it, I could just steal it back some other time.
I stood up. This key wasn’t worth dying for.
I raised my hand. Nothing is worth dying for.
I am the pistol. But some things…. Some things are worth killing for.

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