Birthday Girl

Morning light shines on the leaves of the tree outside her window. A quick knock, and the door to her room opens.
-There’s the birthday girl!
-Hello Dr. Nwalme
-So, today’s the big day.
-I’m so excited. Getting out is going to be the best birthday present.
-Mmm Hmm

The doctor looks at his clipboard, making notes.

-Are you ready?
-Oh, yes!

They step out of the door. She feels two strong pairs of hands grabbing her.
-There has been a slight change in plans.

The hands drag her to the elevator. As soon as the doors close she feels a sharp pain, then a burn as something is injected into her.
-I’ve decided to make you my special project. You’re going to be with us a long time…hopefully.

She is thrown into a small room, and the door slams behind her. As her vision narrows she hears the doctor’s footsteps fading. Over the sound of his shoes clocking on the tiled hallway she hears him whistling, almost absent-mindedly, “Happy Birthday to You”.

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