Something of Worth

The mages stood at a table, examining an object. That’s all two of them could say – it shimmered in vague translucent outlines. It might be a cube – but might not.

The shaman, Wing Eyes, spoke first. “So – what is this?”
The combat mage, Nuke, scowled. “It’s clearly a dual-natured astral form. After that…”
The summoner, Villeno, smirked. “It’s a something I made.”

The other mages stared. He coughed once and went on.

“When a mage touches a something, it becomes any item desired.” He reached out. It solidified, turned gun black, and expanded. In two seconds, he held an assault rifle. Many eyebrows raised.

Nuke spoke up. “Incredible. Can you document that you did this?”
Villeno smiled. “Hell yah. Spellbook’s over there. Nobody did this before me.”

Nuke immediately uttered two power words – and his companions dropped dead of induced aneurysms. Friendly mages were easy prey. Nuke picked up the book, and looked at his ex-friends.

“Somethings are worth killing for. I’ve got a private army to build.”

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