Strangers On A Train

“—No, what she needs to do is close her freaking legs,”

“C’mon, she’s a kid, she doesn’t know any better,”

The kid at the center of their discussion wasn’t really a kid. She was clearly in her twenties but was more girl than woman. She sat across the 4, headphones in, book open, frowning as she read. The concern for one passenger was that, “she’s a pretty girl… she should smile,” and the other was her posture: ‘though wearing a skirt, her legs were spread in a pose that wouldn’t make her mother proud.

“What is she thinking?”

“I don’t think she’s thinking about much other than her book,”

The train pitched around a bend in the track and the girl adjusted her position, still sitting in legs-spread-bare-legged fashion, “Her freaking… um… habajabamoomoo is screaming, ‘Hellooooo, I’m here, look at me!’ What is she thinking? She’s asking for —”

“Stop being such a priss… she’s wearing panties,”

“How do you know?”

“What? You don’t think I checked when I saw her sitting like that? I’m only human.”

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