My Home

Why must I live here?
A ‘city’ that has no ambitions
No goals, no hope
Nothing to its name but surrender and emptiness
The expected clean air died an age ago
With your throat tickling as you breathe for unloved breath
The smoke is compulsory to the people with no desire for cigarettes
The alcohol is a healer to the unfortunate who had a taste for caffeine
The ‘city’ has lost meaning

Society has forever been touched by this ‘city’
People with no dreams, no happiness…no life living
Natural pleasures died an age ago
Consumed by cravings
The desire for drink…the love
The desire for sex…the desperation
The desire for drugs…the need
The ‘city’ has its dreamers, but not the support
The good people, but not the followers
The ‘city’ has lost its people

I gave up on this god forsaken place an age ago
To be born here is a curse
No more time
The ‘city’ has died

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